your loving friend

You’re here now, in the world outside, far from anything you know. I know what you wanna do. You wanna remake yourself. You wanna become capable. You wanna put together all the pieces of your life out here. In the unfamiliar spaces, you wanna live the un-lived life. You wanna get as close to life as you can. Scratch it like sandpaper and maybe see something underneath that no one has. 

But you still think about her. You wonder if that part of you will ever fall into place. We will have to see for now, but it’s time live your own life. She’s out there, walking through the day with that smile. That same smile and warmth that brought you back to life. If it’s all that you know of her. Then it’s enough for us.

Burn your boat. No more sailing away. Work hard and try new things. You’ll feel alone sometimes but keep moving your feet across the surface of earth and you’ll be with friends soon enough.

Don’t worry so much about the future. It’s not certain and changes as much as the wind.

Forgive yourself, put down all that pain you carry. I know you would have done better if you could have known, if you were healed in the right places at the right time. Things happen in a way, and these moments will guide us to who we’re meant to be. If we only take the courage to keep going when we break our own hearts.

Mirrors break but our reflection is never gone. Somewhere between the mirror and you is who you are, who you wanna be, and who your choices say you are. It only takes a few new choices to change our reflections.

At any moment you can be who you want. 

Regardless of our lowest moments, that undying gentle potential to be more tomorrow is always there. 

You have my love.

You have all of my love.

You’ll always be enough.

If we only try at the life we want and fail spectacularly then that’s a pretty good life, don’t you think?

I’m here with you and the sun will shine.


Your loving friend