How to Be Where You Are

The rain doesn’t seem to let up. Even when it pauses for a brief moment, the next batch of thick dark clouds start covering the few blue sky spots. On a day like this, it’s calm. On a day like this, the surface lies troubled.

I should’ve brought my umbrella. The sky didn’t hide its gray body. Why didn’t I listen? It’s too late now, already walking through town getting drenched. I should walk faster. Maybe I’ll catch a cold. The winds getting heavier now. I have to close my eyes every few seconds. It’s raining on my eyes. I wonder if the night market will open now? All the trucks are setup, ready to feed everyone, probably just locals here now. Maybe they’ll pack up shop, I don’t think anyones coming out in this. It’ll be a few hours before the rain stops, or maybe till morning.

I’m passing the liquor stores now. Maybe I can get a break under the metal roofs. No, keeping going. My sandals are soaked. These things take forever to dry, I’ll leave them next to the fan when I get back.

Why am I walking so fast? I’m already wet. Where you in such a hurry to get to? Home, to take a shower. Yeah but I mean what’s the difference between that shower and this one.


I guess the one at home I control.

The one I chose.

But the rain, hitting my skin, sliding down my arms. Dripping off my finger tips.

Its nice. I forgot I like walking in the rain. I remember. I cried and ran in it all those years ago. I felt better after.

Slow down. Walk slower.

What if we just enjoy being alive here?

Stop for a moment, focus on your skin.

I feel alive in the rain. In this storm. I feel it all. The spray on my face, the sound of the wind rushing past my ear. Being battered with wind and water.

My chest is cold. But I feel it. Everything that’s happening right now.

What if we find peace here? What if instead of trying to get the next moment, we choose to accept what Is here.

Always in a rush to leave the moment you’re in.


Stay here, be here, find peace here.

You are here.