remind me again.

Invest in people, people are important. In the end all you have is the people you made time for and the memories you shared.

Forgive people more than you think you can, you have no idea the struggles people are going through.

You deserve your love and kindness, don’t hold it from yourself.

You won’t be happy all the time, find contentment knowing you get to feel everything life has to offer.

All emotions are valuable to feel. They have something to teach, learn from them.

You cannot hold until you first let go. You’ll miss a lot holding onto everything. Appreciate people and things when they’re here, let them go when it’s time.

Everyone’s felt what you feel right now, reach out. You’ll be surprised.

People are good. People are good.

Better to believe than to live as if there was never any magic in the world.

There is no right way. There’s only your way and their way. Everyone has their own way to go, you’re on your own path.

Your life is not your own. We aren’t born for ourselves. We’re born with an obligation to serve the common good.

Your mind likes to wander, it’s naturally curious. It wants to help you. Be kind and give it a problem.

Things aren’t important.

Nothing is personal. Not how people treat you, or the things that happened to you. It’s not about you.

Don’t forget to have fun with your life. Love your life, it’s yours. Every part of it.